The latest podcast for subscribers is called TRAINS. After the hello song, Alex sings the well-known “Down by the Station,” which you may already know, so please sing along!

The story features a young boy called Henry, who plays with an electric  train set at his grandparents house. Unfortunately, there is an accident.

The second train song was a collaborative effort. I found a little rhyme and set it to music, while my friend Linda made up some verses about trains. You have a chance to sing along with the chorus after every verse.

Dinosaur hokey pokey

What could be more fun than doing the Hokey Pokey with dinosaur body parts? Here is an mp3 file with the melody so you can sing along.


Get moving little dinosaurs!

You put your claws in,

You put your claws out,

You put your claws in

And you shake them all about.

You do the hokey pokey

And you turn around,

That’s what it’s all about!

Then substitute other dinosaur body parts such as wings, spinet back, tail, horns, and your whole self. Can you think of more?

Dinosaur Friends

We meet this little group of dinosaur friends in several podcasts, each one with new songs and a new adventure. This one is called DINOSAUR FRIENDS and our little group have a sleepover for the very first time; it doesn’t go so well for one of the friends. I wonder which one? We have a new dinosaur song which Alex sings. It has a wonderful part for you to join in with the words “I want, I want, I want, I want, I want one for a pet.” We give you an opportunity to practice that part with Alex before he sings the song. I hope you will join in – singing is fun! Can you imagine having a dinosaur for a pet? The second song, sung by Scott, is a very gentle lullaby. You will hear part of it in the story as one of our friends struggles to sleep in a new place. You might want to have a doll, a teddy bear, or a stuffed animal ready to rock gently as Scott sings “Go To Sleep My Little One.”