Children love dinosaurs. This podcast features a group of dinosaur friends who have an adventure together. The story starts off with a game of hide and seek, but Mike cannot be found! As with all my stories, I have tried to be true to factual aspects of dinosaurs. Of course different kinds of dinosaurs would not have “played” hide and seek together; but Mike, as a Microraptor, can glide, and I used this in the story. A Deinonychus friend, Preston, is a fast runner and shows off this skill in the story, just as Deinonychus really were speedy creatures. Lammy and Cory hoot and toot through their bony crests. I wonder if you know what kind of dinosaur they might be?

Two dinosaur songs round out the podcast. “Stomp Crash!” is one of the all-time favorites of songs I sing with children. Children are encouraged to stomp around in a dinosaur parade. Enjoy!



Dinosaur, dinosaur, turn around,

Dinosaur, dinosaur, touch the ground.

Dinosaur, dinosaur, scratch your scales,

Dinosaur, dinosaur, swish your tail.


Dinosaur, dinosaur stretch your jaws,

Dinosaur, dinosaur, show your claws.

Dinosaur, dinosaur, stomp on the floor,

Dinosaur, dinosaur, let’s hear you roar.


Dinosaur, dinosaur, touch your nose,

Dinosaur, dinosaur, touch your toes.

Dinosaur, dinosaur, reach up high,

Dinosaur, dinosaur, wave goodbye.

You can use this as an action rhyme – the words tell you what to do – or you can sing it. The melody is “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear.”

Can you make up your own verses?



The latest podcast is called CATS and features a story about a cat called Whiskers who mysteriously goes missing when it is time for Sally and her family to leave their old house, and drive across the city to a new house. The story has a happy ending, but I wonder if you can guess what happens to Whiskers before she is found?

Moving house is a lot of work! On the podcast, I talk about moving house many times as a child as part of a growing family. But as a grown up, I have lived in the same house for many years. What about your family? Have you ever moved house? Can you remember living somewhere different? Perhaps you have been in the same house since you were a baby.

To go along with our theme, one of the songs sung by Teri is a well-known nursery rhyme called “I Love Little Kitty”, so you can probably sing along with her. But I have also added some words that will be new to you. The first song on the podcast, which Bethany sings, is an interesting mix of old and new. I came up with the snippet of an idea for a song with the words “while the cats away the mice will play” with a tidbit of melody to go with it. But the idea never developed into a full-fledged song. So my friend Linda used this idea and came up with a song using snippets of other songs you may recognize and mixed it up with my idea. Hence the old and new! Sometimes it’s good to work with someone and get new ideas – Linda is someone I have worked with many times in many different ways.


Our podcast this time is called BICYCLES, and has two songs about riding bikes. The first is an adaptation of “The Wheels On The Bus” and becomes “The Wheels On The Bike.” The second song is one I composed. It started off as a poem and ended up as a song!

The story is about twins Zoe and Tom who feature in stories in other podcasts. In this story, it is their birthday, and they are hoping for new bicycles. But will they be able to ride two-wheeler bikes?


Summer Fun

A podcast called SUMMER FUN is now available for subscribers. We meet Flora again in our story. Flora is hoping she is tall enough to go down the water slide at the swimming pool, but even if she is, first she has to pass the swimming test.

As usual we have two songs. I sing the first one called “Playing In The Pool.” You can join in with the actions as we splash, jump, dive and swim in the pool. Scott sings the second song called “Hey Betty Martin.” You may know this song. Again you can join in with the actions.