New Look!

Our website is changing! I hope you like the new look.  Instead of accessing 4 new podcasts each month, subscribers now have access to the whole podcast library and can stream any podcast, any time! Currently there are 47 podcasts in the library with 2 in the editing stage (BUTTERFLIES and ROLY POLY). There are several new ones in the development stage including one about a red-tailed hawk, one about shoes and a further episode in the HERDWICK LAMBS  series.

The podcast library is available to subscribers for six years for a one time charge of only $35 – what a deal!

Non-subscribers have access to 3 complete podcasts which I hope will tempt new friends to subscribe.

Everyone also has access to various short activities such as games and songs, right here in the blog. I will keep you updated on Facebook and Twitter if you would like to follow us.