A Winter’s Day

The story I wrote for this podcast is called “Oliver Waits For Snow.” In this story I have used some repetitive and predictable language as Oliver tells about the things he wants to do – if only the snow would arrive. Children love to be able to anticipate some of the language in stories and say the words along with the reader.

I have also included a short activity for children just before the first song. We pretend to get ready to go outside to play in the snow, putting on snow pants, coat, boots etc., and get busy zipping and snapping. This is followed by Bethany singing the song “What Shall We Do When We Go Outside?” Children enjoy acting out the activities from the song. You may notice that Bethany sings about some of the things Oliver wants to do in the snow.  I encourage you to make up your own words. Many of the songs I compose for LISTEN TOGETHER PODCASTS encourage creative participation on the part of our listeners. The podcast just gets you started!!

The second winter song that Alex sings is about animals that hibernate in winter. I chose animals that really DO hibernate, as I always want songs and stories to be accurate. So we have frogs hopping, bats flying, snails crawling and snakes slithering around in summer and fall, and then hibernating in winter. This is fun song that I have used many times with young children from preschool age all the way up to third grade and they absolutely love pretending to be the animals and hop, slither, crawl and fly to begin each verse, and then hibernate in winter.

I really enjoyed putting this podcast together and hope you enjoy it too.

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