We all know every single person – adult and child – has different abilities. As parents we may be discovering we have great abilities to cope with being at home with our children. If we have little kids, we might find we are in our element, coming up with wonderful art and craft activities to enjoy together. Older kids? Perhaps helping with school work is no problem. Or we might find the reverse; that staying home with our children is taxing our abilities to the limit. We may not be arty; we may find we have no patience, or lack the ability to help with school work.

Wherever you are on this spectrum, just know you are not alone. Some are doing great, but many, many others are struggling. You may feel you are the only one. Look at your social media where you see stories of parents and families doing wonderful things while cooped up. They are the exception. Generally we don’t post the bad, sad or unsuccessful aspects of our lives, and what we see is a false narrative.

What can we do? Do the job we have to do to the best of our abilities, and know that we are not perfect. No one is. Just do the best you can.

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