Our podcast this time is called BABIES. Do you have a baby in your family? Or perhaps you are the littlest family member. I have lots of brothers and sisters. In our story this week, James learns he is going to be a big brother. He is very excited and can’t wait to have a new play mate. But baby Jack is not quite what he expected.

Our first song is a well-known lullaby, “Rock-a-bye Baby.” Do you know this song? Perhaps you would like to have a baby doll or stuffed animal ready to rock when Teri sings for us. The second song is a fun song I composed called “I Won’t Go to Bed.” The song is a conversation between a child and a grown up. It is fun to sing your own part Children also love to pretend to be the grown up in the song. When I am with a group of children singing this song, we have lots of hands on hips and stamping feet as they are acting as the child or pretending to be the grown up!!!