Everything is blooming! Are you lucky enough to still have access to the outdoors? Where I live I am able to go for a walk in the neighborhood, as well as spend time in my yard/garden.

Over the weeks of social distancing and isolation I have noticed huge differences – first snowdrops and crocuses, then daffodils, tulips and muscari. Our flowering plum tree is flowering like mad and leaves are beginning to appear on all the trees. It makes me feel so much better to see all these thriving plants and trees.

If you are not so lucky, consider growing something, even if it’s small, just to see growth. Children are thrilled to see little seedlings popping up. Use an egg carton for planting seeds. Put the top of a carrot on a saucer with a little water and see greenery appear.

Spring is the season for growth, and it lifts our spirits to see it or be part of it.

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