Dinosaur Friends

We meet this little group of dinosaur friends in several podcasts, each one with new songs and a new adventure. This one is called DINOSAUR FRIENDS and our little group have a sleepover for the very first time; it doesn’t go so well for one of the friends. I wonder which one? We have a new dinosaur song which Alex sings. It has a wonderful part for you to join in with the words “I want, I want, I want, I want, I want one for a pet.” We give you an opportunity to practice that part with Alex before he sings the song. I hope you will join in – singing is fun! Can you imagine having a dinosaur for a pet? The second song, sung by Scott, is a very gentle lullaby. You will hear part of it in the story as one of our friends struggles to sleep in a new place. You might want to have a doll, a teddy bear, or a stuffed animal ready to rock gently as Scott sings “Go To Sleep My Little One.”