Echo Game

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In my music classes I use a microphone. Not a real one, it’s made of wood. In actual fact it’s a short, tapered wooden leg for a stool with a wood ball screwed on the top. It almost looks like an ice cream cone. But when I say it’s my microphone, the children know exactly what I mean. Even the two year olds. I use it when we echo each other. When the microphone points to me it’s my turn. When it points into the group circle, it’s everybody’s turn together. With small groups individuals take turns. Children love the microphone. I’ve heard parents report their children practicing the “ba-bas” at home using anything that comes to hand as a microphone – a spoon, a stick or a toy.

I use the microphone to echo parts of songs, but I also use it to practice musical concepts. We echo rhythm patterns a lot. The rhythm patterns exist alongside the steady beat. Throughout the game, I keep a steady beat by tapping gently on my leg. The children can feel it with the first ba – ba, which indicates the steady beat. Sounds complicated but it’s not. Play this echo game and you’ll discover how easy it is. When I first introduce the game to very young children, I get very little response, so we do it again and again. By the end of a couple of weeks, lots of children are joining in, learning fundamental concepts via a fun game.

Have fun!