We have a new podcast called GREY CAT which features a story about Grey Cat and Scraggly Kitten. We get started with a hello song with Anneliese called “Everybody Sing with Me,” where you can sing, jump, clap and do lots of other actions. Next Jodi sings a song about Grey Cat and all the things she does. You can pretend to be a cat if you like. As with many of our songs, you will have a chance to think of something for Grey Cat to do in the song.

I sing our last song called “Miss Mary Mary Martha.” This is an echo song. This means I sing first, then you sing back to me, and at the end we all sing together. I sing about Miss Mary Mary Martha who has a lovely little kitty, and Mr. Michael Michael Murphy who has a lovely little doggie. I wonder if you can think of a name and a pet to put in the song? The kitty and the doggie have wonderful names too. I would love to hear from you – tell me your ideas.

Have fun being creative!