Herdwick Adventure

Our Herdwick lamb friends join us again this week in a podcast called HERDWICK ADVENTURE. Scott gets us started with a hello song where you can join in with lots of actions. Anneliese then sings about lots of different animals you might see on a farm, and the sounds they make, –another chance to sing along. This is one of my favorite compositions and very popular in a group setting as children love to choose animals to put in the song. It is also very adaptable – instead of “I went to the farm” you could sing “I went to the zoo” or “I went to the ocean” and sing about appropriate animals.

I really enjoy writing stories about the Herdwick lambs, a little group of friends – Fenton, Ralph, Paisley and Madge –  who have several adventures in different podcasts. This story has Madge getting involved with paint. She gets quite messy!

Jared and Anneliese sing the last song together with Jared asking the question “What can I do with you?” and Anneliese answering, coming up with lots of ideas of things they can do together. You get to join in too, and you can make up your own answer to the question!