The last podcast for June is called Herdwick Friends. Most of you have probably never heard of Herdwicks – but they are a kind of sheep. Traditionally, Herdwick sheep live on the fells (hills) of Cumbria in England. They are tough little sheep and spend most of their lives with little interaction with humans. They also have a special trait where they are “heafed” to the fell. This means the sheep instinctively know where they belong and rarely stray from home.

Our story features a group of four Herdwick lambs who are friends. Fenton, Madge and Paisley have to work out what to do when friend Ralph gets hurt. As with all my stories, I try to stay true to the nature and habits of the sheep.

We also have two songs, one about lambs and the things they do, and the other about friends. In this case Jodi sings about our Herdwick friends, but you can use any names in the song.

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