Here is the barn

Action rhymes are so fun to do with children. After just a few repetitions, they will be saying it along with you, or joining in the actions. You can listen to the mp3 audio clip until you know the rhyme.

If your child has a favorite stuffed animal, he can pet and cuddle it in the rhyme. Any animal will do – just change the words if you like.




Here is the barn                     (make a roof shape with your hands)

Where I like to go.                 (walk in place)

It’s as tall as a tree                 (point up overhead)

And cozy, you know.              (hug body with arms)

Here is the barn,                    (make a roof shape with your hands)

I’ll go there with you              (walk in place)

To pet a sweet lamb,              (pretend to pet a lamb)

And cuddle it too!                  (pretend to hug a lamb)


You can listen to this rhyme on the accompanying mp3 file.