Many people act impulsively – some all the time, others just now and then. Children? Now that’s a different story. I’m sure you remember questioning behavior and its consequences where the answer was on the lines of “I just did it” or “I wasn’t thinking.”

We usually think about bad outcomes of acting on impulse. But there can be some positive outcomes of impulsive behavior – when your kids made you laugh when they said something or did something out of the blue.

I know we are all tired of staying home, and you may have worked really hard to keep a normal “pulse,” to maintain some kind of routine for your family– we all know how much kid thrive on routine. They need to know what to expect rather than every day be some wild ride through who knows what.

If you have been reasonably successful in establishing some kind of coronavirus routine, congratulations! Give yourself a pat on the back – you are doing great. And it is exactly because you have achieved this safe, stable place, that it’s ok to do something different. Something wild even, because your children know that things will go back to normal, that this is a one off, not some new norm where no one knows what will happen next.

So – every now and then – forget your routine and let your hair down. Need some ideas?

  • Decide to have ice cream for breakfast, or pancakes for dinner
  • No one gets dressed all day and everyone chooses a movie to watch
  • Put music on and dance
  • Sing together
  • Take a school day off – announce no school work today
  • Have a picnic lunch in the garden, on the balcony
  • Make a movie together
  • Have a ZOOM meeting with other family members, even people you don’t normally see

Have fun!

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