I bet no one expected jicama for a J word!

I first came across this word years ago when we were playing one of those games where you had to guess the word from the description/explanation that was given. The problem was, the person who got this word had never heard of it, didn’t know what it was and then when we gave up, didn’t’ know how to pronounce it. (The first sound is H.) The confusion and wild guesses cased a lot of laughter. (It’s a vegetable in case you wondered.)

Do you remember some of the funny things that are funny to your family, but other people wouldn’t understand? Like my elder son said “mulk” for milk when he was very small. And at the age of about 5, my younger son learned the word pathetic, and for quite a while everything was described as “pathetic.” Or the time we were in England for a year, and the 7 year old came home from school telling me they’d been learning about Abraham. He thought it was Abraham Lincoln, but was in fact the Old Testament Abraham, who he’d never heard of before. My “boys” are in their 30s now, but we still laugh and reminisce about these fun times.

So one evening, sit around and tell stories that begin “remember when…”

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