I have noticed that there has been an upsurge of bread making while people are spending more time at home. Supermarket shelves were empty of flour for a while as people thought they needed to stock up, but at least for me, flour is back on the shelves now.

I know some people get enormous pleasure from making bread, from the physical work that goes into kneading the dough. Not me! I am not a bread maker. The only loaf I ever make is a version of the New York Times Almost No-knead Bread. And it truly is almost no-knead – about 15 seconds of kneading, that’s all. What it does take is time. Typically I start it in the evening, and then bake the following morning. It makes fabulous bread – looks artisanal and is nice and crusty. Yum!!

When I was running my preschool, we would occasionally make bread with the children. Together we would measure and mix the ingredients. As teachers, we thought about how to let children knead the dough and still be able to eat the finished product. We would put a piece of dough into a zip lock bag for each child and allow them to knead it that way. It worked quite well and they loved eating bread they had actually made.

If making bread with your children is something you are interested in doing there are many recipes online to help you out. Have fun!

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