Let’s make a cake together…

Teri sings a song called “I Can Clap My Hands” in this week’s podcast called CAKE. There are lots of other actions in the song too – tap your foot, nod your head, jump and many more. I expect you can think of your own ideas to put in the song.

Our story is called “Katie And The Cake.” We have a special guest reading it for us – my friend Jim. Katie saves up her pocket money to buy a fancy cupcake for her Mom’s birthday. She is sure her Mom will love it. Listen to the podcast to find out what happens.

Have you ever made a cake, or helped someone in your family make a cake, or some cupcakes? It is fun to do. You can pretend to make a cake with Anneliese as she sings “Let’s Make a Cake Together.” You get to add ingredients to the bowl and stir, stir, stir! I hope you have fun with this song.

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