Did you know Macaws are parrots? They originated in the continent South America. Interesting but fairly random facts. How do I know this and why do I care?

Well, throughout the lockdown I have been organizing weekly quizzes for friends and family. Every Monday night we gather together via a ZOOM meeting and I present them with three rounds of questions. The first is always a general knowledge round, followed by two themed rounds. This week round three was called BIRDS and one question was “Macaws come from which continent?” And now you know the answer!!

This week was also quiz number 10. So this group of people has, more or less, been staying home for at least 10 weeks. Making up quizzes is obviously something I enjoy doing and seems to be appreciated by participants. “Something to look forward to,” “nice family activity” and “fun round” are the kind of comments I get. But now, this same group of people is beginning to venture out a little more as restrictions are being relaxed.

We will do this slowly and carefully. We will remember that we are not out of the woods yet. Covid-19 is still here, and some of us may still get sick. That’s the risk we take and also why we will continue to take precautions when out in public. We will still socially distance, wear our masks and stay away from crowds.

We have all had to learn to do things differently during the lockdown, and it has certainly affected some more than others. Please take care as you begin to socialize and learn to cope with a new reality.

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