Mr Wolf


Here is a game that was popular in the school yard when I was a little girl. We would play with quite a big group, but it can be equally successful with only two – you and your child! Mr. Wolf stands away from the children, leaving a gap for at least several steps. The child/children chant:

“What time is it Mr. Wolf?”

Mr. Wolf replies:

“It’s ___ o’clock.”

Then the children take that “o’clock” number of steps towards Mr. Wolf and then chant again. This continues until someone is quite close to Mr. Wolf and this time Mr. Wolf replies:

“It’s time to eat you up!”

And chases the children back to the start.

I would always start with the adult as Mr. Wolf. This way the adult can use numbers appropriate for the children participating. Help the children count the steps. Some children will take tiny steps because they do not want to get close to Mr. Wolf. Others will stride ahead because the chasing is fun!  Some will want to be caught, yet for others, this will spoil the game.

As always, take your cue from your children.