Boy in coat feeding carrot to horse

Episode 28: Birthday



  • I Am Singing Hello To You And You
  • Horsey, Horsey
  • My Sweet Little Pony

STORY: James Has A Birthday

Birthdays are usually exciting days, but sometimes things don’t seem like they are going to work out. In this podcast we have a story where James has a birthday. His party is to be held at Yew Tree Farm where there is a petting zoo. James is very excited about his party. His friends will be there, and they all will get a chance to ride a pony. But James in not sure he wants to ride the pony.

To go along with the theme, we have two horse/pony songs. The first is a very well-known song. Sing along if you know it. You can pretend to be a horse if you have room. The second song is one I composed where the pony first walks then trots, then gallops. Again, if you have room, you can walk, trot and gallop along with the pony.

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