Color crayons

Episode 23: Colors

We live in a colorful world and our podcast is all about colors. We begin with an action-packed “hello” song, and then sing about animals and their colors—but these colors are very unlikely. Can you imagine a red porcupine, a green chimpanzee or a blue kangaroo! The words for the song are taken from an old nursery rhyme I found, which is why the language is somewhat archaic. We don’t use the phrase “full well” in modern English, but it is something interesting to discuss. For each verse, all that needs to change is the animal and its color. You can see how easy it is to make up your own verses.

The pink crayon in our story causes all kinds of problems for twins Tom and Zoe. They argue, and both end up doing something they know they shouldn’t—all because of a pink crayon. This story was inspired by a real situation when I ran my own school. One little boy would slip a pink crayon into his pocket and take it home. This went on every day for several days.

After the story we have another song about colors—but this time colors we might be wearing. Again you can see how easy it is to create new verses in the song.

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