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Episode 29: Fall



  • Who Will Come And Sing With Me
  • Things I Can Do
  • Walking, Walking, Walking

STORY: Jack Learns To Walk

After the hello song we have a song I composed called “Things I can Do” and you get to do all kinds of things with me. The song uses a different letter for each verse. For example the first verse has things I can do beginning with P – “I can pedal,” “I can paint,” “I can paddle,” and “I can play.” Will you do the actions with me? I also include the letters S, T and D. I’m sure you can think of lots of ideas for the song.

The story in this podcast is about James and Jack. You may remember them from another podcast where James is so excited when he learns he is going to be a big brother, then so disappointed when baby Jack can’t do anything. In the story today Jack does lots of things.

A song called “Walking, Walking, Walking,” which has lots of actions you can join in with follows the story. And of course the song lends itself to allowing you to come up with some different actions. I give you a place to add you own actions in the song. If you have listened to several podcasts, you will know I often have action songs included. A new action, in both songs, is keeping still. This is quite hard for young children to do, but gets better with practice (just keep singing the songs!) as children learn to control their bodies.

This is definitely an action-packed podcast.

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