Episode 42: Goats



  • Everybody Sing With Me
  • If The Goats Are Grazing
  • B-I-L-L-Y

STORY:The Three Billy Goat Brothers

This podcast features my friend Linda re-telling the old folktale—“The Three Billy Goat Brothers.” Folktales are well-tested stories for youngsters, and have been around for generations. Children love the repetitive nature of stories like this where they can predict what will happen next and even join in with the story.

There are two goat songs that I have included in this podcast. The first song on the podcast is one I composed called “If the goats are grazing on the green.” I tried something in this podcast that I don’t do very often. I took part of the song, the chorus, and practiced it so that children can learn it and then sing along every time it happens in the song. Here it is:

“and if they see you standing there
they might even nibble on your hair”

Did you know goats will eat almost anything? Alex sings about lots of things goats eat. Once you get to know the song, it is easy to add your own ideas.

The second one is an adaptation of BINGO. In this version we sing “There was a farmer had a goat and BILLY was his name-o.” It’s a fun sing-along.

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