Hide and Sleep

Toddler sleeping

Episode 34: Hide and Sleep



  • Who Will Come And Sing With Me
  • Come On You Sleepy Heads
  • Who Is Hiding

STORY: Hide And Seek

After the hello song, this podcast begins with a simple, short song called “Wake up you Sleepy Heads.” It’s an easy sing-along, so join in friends!

In the story in this podcast, Kayla has friends over for a play date and does not want to include her little brother Mattie. She even calls him Mattie-complainer! This idea came from real life, when my sister used to call her little boy Mattie-complainer, because that’s what he did. A lot.

The last song is also a game. I usually play it with a scarf or piece of fabric that you hold in front of your face. When we sing “yes it is”, you pull the scarf away from your face. It is easy to put anyone’s name in the song. For very young children, I recommend a see-through scarf, or piece of fabric. This helps children pretend to hide, without feeling excluded.

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