Hop! Hop! Hop!

Frog sitting on edge of planter

Episode 43: Hop! Hop! Hop!



  • Everybody Sing With Me
  • I Can Hop
  • Goin’ Hop, Hop, Hop

STORY: Hop! Hop! Hop!

Our podcast this time has a story featuring animals that hop, or jump. I spent time reading about animals that jump or hop and chose specific ones that worked for my story. In the story, when a new animal comes along, he needs to be able to hop further than the previous animal. So that’s how we ended up with Tiny Flea, Jumping Spider, Grasshopper and Tree Frog.

After the hello song we have one with lots of actions for children to do—including hop, hop hop! The song after the story has all the animals from the story included, plus an opportunity for you to add another animal. Can you think of an animal that hops or jumps? Don’t worry; if you can’t think of one, I give you some ideas in the podcast. The melody is very catchy, and the words as easy as can be! Be sure to sing along.

 _______ sitting on a log,
______ going hop, hop, hop.
_______ sitting on a log,
______ going hop, hop, hop.
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