Episode 46: Rabbits



  • Everybody Sing With Me
  • Rabbits Hopping All Around
  • Sleeping Bunnies

STORY: Rabbit Wants A Friend

This podcast has a rabbit story and two songs about rabbits. The first song called “Rabbits Hopping All Around” is one I composed and has rabbits doing things that rabbits do in their real lives—like burrowing underground, nibbling lettuce leaves and leaping in the air. Did you know that rabbits like to have fun, and leap in the air for the pure joy of doing it? They jump high in the air and sometimes even do a somersault at the top of their leap! Children love to pretend to be rabbits and act out the verses in the song.

In the story I wrote, Rabbit meets different animals as he hops down the lane, looking for a friend. I deliberately chose repetitive language as he meets each animal, encouraging children to join in as they realize they have heard these words before. I also took care to have each animal Rabbit meets do something they would actually do. On the one hand we are in the land of fiction as Rabbit hops down the lane, but I like to have other foot grounded in reality as the animals are engaged in an activity appropriate for that animal.

The second rabbit song has been around for a long time and is incredibly popular with children aged as young as two and at least up to eight years old. I tried to find its origins but was unable to, so please enjoy “See the Little Bunnies Sleeping.” Children love pretending to be asleep, keeping very quiet and then hopping around when awoken by the song! This is a fun, action-packed podcast.

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