Episode 50: Shoes

This new podcast SHOES is number 50!! That’s a lot of songs and stories!! To mark the occasion, I decided to make this podcast available to anyone interested in listening to it. Of course I hope you like it so much you’ll buy a subscription at Listen Together Podcast and listen to all the other podcasts. It only costs $35 and allows you to listen to 50 podcasts as often as you like. A great deal!

This podcast started off with an old nursery rhyme which I set to music:
Little Betty Boo has lost her little shoe,
Oh what will little Betty do?
We can find her another, to match the other,
And then she can walk around on two.
I decided to write a story about a little girl called Ruby who features in another podcast called FLOWERS and gave her red shoes. So of course we sing about Ruby who lost her red shoe, and then added other names and different colors of shoes.
The second song evolved from the snippet “I’ve got my walking shoes on.” A melody developed and before long I had a song about different things you do with your shoes on – like dancing and hopping. As I love to do with songs, there is time in the podcast for YOU to add your own ideas. In the first song you can put your own name in and choose a color for your shoes. In the second song you can think of different actions to do.

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