Summer Fun

Girl swimming under water

Episode 18: Summer Fun



  • Who Will Come And Sing With Me
  • Playing In The Pool
  • Hey, Betty Martin

STORY: Flora Goes To The Pool

Do you like to go to the swimming pool? In our story Flora can’t wait for the pool to open. She hopes she is tall enough to go down the water slide at the swimming pool. But even if she is tall enough, first she has to pass the swimming test.

As usual we have two songs as well as the “hello” song. The first one is called “Playing In The Pool.” You can join in with the actions as we splash, jump, dive and swim in the pool. The second song is called “Hey Betty Martin.” You may know this song. Again you can join in with the actions. And of course, when you sing the song on your own you put your own name in the song – or any name you like!! In both of these songs I give you a time to choose your actions to add to the song.

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