Train (steam engine on tracks)

Episode 30: Trains



  • Who Will Come And Sing With Me
  • Down By The Station
  • The Little Train

STORY: Henry And The Train

The story is this podcast is about a boy called Henry who gets to play with a very special train set at his Grandparent’s house, and doesn’t know what to do when something goes wrong.

We also have two train songs. The first one you may know. It’s called “Down by the Station” and is about old-fashioned steam trains. You can pretend to be a train and chug along as Alex sings if you like. The second train song is a collaborative effort. My friend Linda and I worked together to create a song called “The Little Train.” I wrote the chorus and Linda wrote the verses. The chorus words are:

The little train goes down the track,
It says “toot, toot” and comes right back.
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