Unbrellas of many colors

Episode 16: Weather



  • I Am Singing Hello To You And You
  • What’s The Weather Today?
  • Rain, Rain Go Away

STORY: Picnic In The Park

Growing up in England the weather would always be a surprise. It could be warm and sunny in the morning, raining by lunchtime, then cold and windy in the afternoon. What’s the weather like for you today? As I am writing this, it is warm and sunny where I live. After the hello song we have one called “What’s the Weather Today?”

The story is called “Picnic in the Park” and teachers Miss Hannah and Miss Emily take their class to the park and have quite an adventure.

We end with a well-known song called “Rain, Rain, Go Away.” Do you know it? In the podcast we use the names of the children in the story in the song. Perhaps you would like to put your own name in the song too. If you don’t know the song, you will quickly learn the words and be able to sing along.

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