I wrote this post in August and just discovered I never published it. I am beginning to feel a bit more optimistic – vaccines around the corner.

I am resigned. Six months into this pandemic I am resigned. It is not going to end soon. We need to keep doing everything we can to reduce the spread by social distancing and wearing masks. But, by now, many of us have been trying to figure out ways to live our lives without being in a total isolation bubble, but, at the same time, reducing risk of infection as much as possible. Is it possible?

I have not been out for a meal since March. I have been to the house of friends exactly once since March – and that was a socially distanced “get-together” on their deck. I grocery shop once a week. And I’ve been in a clothes shop once.

So what do I do? I have hosted a weekly quiz for 24 weeks via zoom. I’m planning two fundraiser zoom quizzes for two non-profits. I zoom quiz with family members weekly. I happy hour zoom with a group weekly. I walk alone several days a week. My biggest outing is a 16 mile round trip drive to pick up my CSA share. I take care of this website and recently created a new podcast – SHOES – which you can find here.

But I have to start doing other things, safely. Like getting my hair cut! I will – one day. When it feels safe.

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