Do you still have some clothes from when your child was a baby? Or a toddler? Select a few items of baby clothing and a few obviously bigger clothing items. Ask your child to sort the clothes into two piles. Baby clothes and big boy/girl clothes.

There are lots of variations for this activity:

  • Add adult clothes and have three piles
  • Sort into types of clothes, socks, shirts, sweaters etc
  • Choose one type of clothing, such as sweaters and sort according to size, arranging them from smallest to largest

Use words such as small, smaller, smallest, big, bigger, biggest.

Ask your child:

  • to find one bigger than this one
  • smaller than this
  • hold up two and ask which one is the biggest


Talk about what it was like when your child was a baby and wore tiny clothes. Children love to hear stories about when they were babies.