A grandfather clock features in a song on our podcast called TIME. I explain what a grandfather clock is in the podcast and thought you might like to see a picture of one. You will find it on the Crispy Crow page. If you like, you can print the picture and color it. I wonder what color your grandfather clock will be?

Long ago when grandfather clocks were very popular, they would usually stand in the hall of a big house and would be made of wood. The face of the clock would be glass so that you could see the numbers, and there would often be a glass panel showing the pendulum moving from side to side, making the tick tock sound. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock goes the grandfather clock – just like Alex sings in the song!

This song has different times for different meals, like breakfast, lunch etc. You could use this opportunity to talk about what time you have lunch or supper in your family. You could look at the times on a clock. It is a very simple song where you can easily put in new times and new activities. I love songs where children can create their own verses.

Our story is about Flora (who we meet in other stories) waiting for her Aunt to visit. Flora has not seen her for a long time and is a little anxious. Will she recognize her aunt? Will her aunt know who she is? Time is a very interesting concept for children. Sometimes, what we think of as a short amount of time seems like FOR EVER to youngsters.

When I ran my own preschool, we would always give a five minute warning whenever we were close to transitioning to a new activity – such as cleaning up for snack, or getting ready for outside play. Children have no concept that the transition is close, and it is very frustrating to have just started something new and then immediately be told to clean up! I wish I’d thought to be consistent with my own children when they were youngsters.

The second song is the well-known nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock. Alex goes on to sing times other than one o’clock in the song, and I have inserted chimes so that children can practice counting along with the chimes.

I hope you and your family enjoy this new podcast. Don’t forget to visit the Crispy Crow page as I will upload free activities there every now and then.

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