Meet Gillian

Gillian SharmaGrowing up in England, we were very fortunate to have excellent radio programs designed for little ones. Each day, for just fifteen minutes, Listen with Mother gave us songs, rhymes and a story at the same time every week day.

When I became a mother of two boys, I hunted around the radio for something similar, imagining the three of us sitting on the sofa ready to enjoy a program meant just for us. There was nothing!!! At the time, the idea was planted at the back of my brain that this was something I could do. I had a Master’s degree in elementary education, and a strong background in music. But again, nothing happened. For several years I was caught up in life as a busy parent. You know how that goes!

As my children were reaching the end of elementary school, I opened my own preschool and ran it for many years. I also taught music classes to families with young children.  I continued to teach music classes to young children from 2–8 years old even after closing my own school, and had the opportunity to test out many of my own songs. I knew I had a good one when it was requested over and over again!

After closing my preschool, I turned once again to the idea of a radio program especially for little ones, and realized how much the world had changed. Armed with my years as a parent, my education, my musical background, my experience as a preschool and music teacher, ideas from my good friend and teaching colleague Linda, and the wealth of new technology, I created Listen Together Podcast. Though it is definitely work, I have so much fun composing songs and writing short stories and would love to share them with you.

I discovered that Listen Together is better than a radio program – you can listen at your own convenience! Simply listen – wherever, whenever, and as often as you like. There is no charge to listen, but I would appreciate a small donation via BUY ME A COFFEE. You will notice there are no ads on this website. I wanted to keep it “clean” but this comes at a cost. I have to pay for web hosting, sound cloud etc, and as they say on NPR, every little helps!