Herdwick Friends

Herdwick lambs by a rock wall

Episode 1: Herdwick Friends



  • I Am Singing Hello To You And You
  • The Little Lambs
  • Come And Be My Friend

STORY:  Ralph Gets Hurt

Our Herdwick friends feature in several podcasts together, but this is the first story I wrote about them. Herdwick sheep are quite unique. In Cumbria, in the north of England, they are a very common sight on the fells. This is pretty much the only place they live. They are very tough little sheep and spend most of their lives out on the fells, braving the elements. Generally, the fells do not have walls or hedges to keep the sheep in place. This knowledge is passed on from mothers to lambs. They know where they belong. They are “heafed” to the fell.

This podcast starts off with an action-packed hello song. Will you clap, tap, jump and dance with me? Next we have a song about lambs and things they do—like skip, run, chase and leap. There is a place in the song where you can add you own words. What else might lambs do?

One of the Herdwick friends, Ralph, gets hurt in the story. The other lambs work together to help him.

We finish the podcast with a song called “Be My Friend.” We use the names of our Herdwick friends in the song, but you can use any names you like.

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