Podcast 48: Soup


  • SONG: I Am Singing Hello To You And You
  • SONG: The Soup Song
  • STORY: Stone Soup
  • SONG: Get Up And Get Moving

You can join with lots of actions as Paul sings the hello song. This podcast has lots of activities –  two more action songs that are very different. In the song “Get Up And Get Moving” you CAN get up and get moving – jumping, running, dancing and much more.

In “The Soup Song,” we pretend to make soup together – chopping vegetables, stirring the pot and finally tasting the delicious soup. The vegetables in the song are exactly the same as those used to make the soup in the story. Then YOU get to decide what else to chop and add to the soup.

I have sung this song many times with groups of children where everyone is allowed to choose something to add to the pot. It is very popular. With large groups I usually make a vegetable soup, using the song as an opportunity to talk about different vegetables and even what is and is not a vegetable. Of course it is wonderful if you make real soup too! Sometimes, children like to add silly things to the soup. I wonder what kind of soup you will make?

I re-tell the well-known folktale “Stone Soup” in this podcast. There are many variations of the story and I read lots of them before writing my own version. That’s how little changes in each re-telling ensure many variations of folktales.

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