Podcast 10: Butterflies


  • SONG: Everybody Sing With Me
  • SONG: What’s In The News Today?
  • STORY: The Butterfly Hunt
  • SONG: Vanessa Atalanta

In this podcast we have a silly song called “What’s in the News Today?” We discover that giant caterpillars crawling in the hay are in the news, and that lots of children are running far away! Then we sing about several other animals like giant rabbits and giant field mice all doing different things in the hay. Listeners also get the opportunity to choose an animal and an action to put in the song.

The story has our group of school friends hunting for caterpillars and butterflies in the park. They get a butterfly house and are able to watch caterpillars transform into butterflies. I chose the Red Admiral butterfly to star in the story, and also in the final song – Vanessa atalanta. I came across the Latin name when researching caterpillars and butterflies for the CATERPILLAR podcast. The name inspired the song! This song tells the story of caterpillars eating and growing and finally becoming butterflies. You can pretend to be Vanessa atalanta in the song. Just listen to the words – they will tell you what to do.

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