Lambs and Laundry

Herd of Herdwick lambs

Episode 2: Lambs and Laundry

Our Herdwick friends—Fenton, Ralph, Madge and Paisley—feature in a story called “Laundry” in this podcast. This story is the second one I wrote in the series. There are four Herdwick lamb stories so far, and I have ideas for another story for a future podcast.

After our action-packed hello song, in keeping with the theme of the podcast, we have a song I wrote called “Hanging Out the Washing.” I reminisce a little about days, particularly in England where the weather can be rather fickle, when pegging out washing on the washing line can be quite a challenge; sometimes having to bring it back inside as the rain appears.

After the story we have a song based on a little rhyme I remembered from when I was a child. I wrote a new melody and created new verses using different family members and different items of clothing. My young students enjoy this song, and eagerly create their own new verses. I hope you will too.

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