Lambs and Laundry

Podcast 2: Lambs and Laundry


  • SONG: Can You Sing Hello With Me
  • SONG: I Am Hanging Out The Washing
  • STORY: Laundry
  • SONG: Oh, Can You Wash

Our Herdwick friends—Fenton, Ralph, Madge and Paisley—feature in a story called “Laundry” in this podcast. This story is the second one I wrote in the series. There are four Herdwick lamb stories so far, and I have a story idea and songs for a future podcast.

After our action-packed hello song, in keeping with the theme of the podcast, we have a song I wrote called “Hanging Out the Washing.” I reminisce a little about days, particularly in England where the weather can be rather fickle, when pegging out washing on the washing line can be quite a challenge; sometimes having to bring it back inside as the rain appears. When you know this song, you can add your own ideas. Instead of just “washing” you could sing shirts, trousers, towels, or “I am hanging out the socks on the washing line.”  You can even put names in the song – “I am hanging out John’s socks on the washing line.” Get creative and have fun!

After the story we have a song based on a little rhyme I remembered from when I was a child. I wrote a new melody and created new verses using different family members and different items of clothing. My young students enjoy this song, and eagerly create their own new verses. I hope you will too.

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