Clean Up

Row of mops on red background

Episode 27: Clean Up

“James Finds Mousie” is the title of the story in this podcast. Baby brother Jack’s favorite stuffed animal Mousie goes missing. Jack is not very happy.

After the hello song we have a song called “Mouse, Mousie” and the words are very easy:

Mouse mousie in the housie
Hurry, hurry do,
Or the kitty in the housie
Will be chasing you.

I made up a couple more verses to this song where we have fishy in the ocean with a sharkey chasing; and a chick in the farmyard with a foxy chasing. You can see how easy it is to change the words and come up with ideas. All you need are two animals!

My friend Linda composed the second song “Clean Up” where you can sing along with the repeated chorus:

Clean up, clean up ‘til it’s done
Getting it out was much more fun.

Sing along friends!

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