Episode 5: Dinosaurs



  • Who Will Come And Sing With Me
  • Stomp Crash
  • I Like Dinosaurs

STORY: The Little Dinosaurs Play Hide And Seek

Don’t you love dinosaurs? This podcast features a group of dinosaur friends who have an adventure together. The story starts off with a game of hide and seek, but Mike cannot be found! As with all my stories, I have tried to be true to factual aspects of dinosaurs. Of course different kinds of dinosaurs would not have “played” hide and seek together; but Mike, as a Microraptor, can glide, and I used this in the story. A Deinonychus friend, Preston, is a fast runner and shows off this skill in the story, just as Deinonychus really were speedy creatures. Lammy and Cory hoot and toot through their bony crests. I wonder if you know what kind of dinosaur they might be?

Two dinosaur songs round out the podcast. “Stomp Crash!” is one of the all-time favorites of songs I sing with children as they are encouraged to stomp around in a dinosaur parade.  The podcast ends with the song “I Like Dinosaurs” where we sing about lots of different dinosaurs. You also get the chance to choose a dinosaur to put in the song. Enjoy!

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