Podcast 31: Dogs


  • SONG: Can You Sing Hello With Me
  • SONG: Bow Wow Wow
  • STORY: Henry Wants a Puppy
  • SONG: Domino

After the hello song Jodi sings a very old nursery rhyme. You may already know it:

“Bow wow wow, who’s dog art thou?
Little Tommy Tinker’s dog, bow wow wow.”

As with many old rhymes there is archaic language to explain and talk about. We put other names in the song – including Henry and Miss Gillian – and of course you can put your own name in the song if you like.

In the story  “Henry Wants a Puppy,” Henry works very hard to show he is a responsible boy. I don’t want to give away the ending, so you will have to listen to the podcast.

The last song is called “Domino” and includes lots of things that Domino can do, or will learn to do – like run, walk, heel or stay. But each verse has these words:

“He learned to fetch, oh boy can he fetch,
A yukky slobbery ball, that’s my boy.”
And the chorus is very easy too – perhaps you can sing along with Paul:
“Domino, Domino, he’s my dog.
Domino, Domino, he’s my dog.
Domino, Domino, he’s my dog.
He’s my dog, and my best friend.”