The Zoo

Pink flamingo in front of pond

Episode 15: The Zoo



  • Hello, Hello, Hello
  • Double Decker Bus
  • P-P-Pretty Flamingo

STORY: A Day At The Zoo

I wrote a song called “I’m Riding on a Double Decker Bus” a long time ago and finally got to use it in this podcast. Sometimes I write songs with a specific podcast in mind, and other times the song just happens and later on I find a home for it. I give you an opportunity to choose an animal that you might see at the zoo and put it in the song.

In the story, our group of school friends go on a field trip to the Zoo and get to ride on a double decker bus going from one animal exhibit to another. The trouble starts when Henry gets off the bus at the wrong place and finds himself all alone. However the story has a happy ending.

After the story we have a song about zoo animals called “P P Pretty Flamingo.” This is a song where you can add your own words if you like. You will need to think of an animal, and a descriptive word to go with it. I used pretty flamingo, gentle giraffe, happy hippo, tiny turtle, kind koala and golden eagle. Then you need a word that shows what the animal is doing, such as swimming, flying or standing. What ideas can you come up with? When you hear the song in the podcast, you will know how it works. I’d love to hear from you if you think of an animal and what it is doing in the song.


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