Podcast 37: Flowers


  • SONG: Everybody Sing With Me
  • SONG: Lavender’s Blue
  • STORY: Ruby’s Garden
  • SONG: What Grows In Your Garden

As usual we start with a hello song, then Paul sings “Lavender’s Blue.” This is a really well-known nursery rhyme, so you might find it easy to sing along. As I often do with songs, we change things and add different words – so instead of lavender’s blue and lavender’s green, we can sing about poppies, daisies and even bluebells which is quite funny – bluebells are blue, bluebells are green! The song ends giving the listener a chance to choose a flower to put in the song. Don’t worry; if you can’t think of one, I give you some ideas in the podcast.

In our story, Ruby still manages to have a tiny garden even though she lives in a tall apartment building. Listen to the podcast to find out how she got her garden.

Our last song is one I composed and it’s called “What Grows in your Garden.” It’s like a question and answer – the question is “what grows in your garden?” The answers I use in the song are tulips, squash, weeds and grass! Of course we give you the opportunity to answer the question too! What grows in YOUR garden?

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