Playful Cats

Grey kitten stalking something

Episode 9: Playful Cats



  • I Am Singing Hello To You And You
  • Playful Cats
  • The Old Grey Cat Is Sleeping

STORY: Grey Cat And Scraggley Kitten

After the opening hello song we have a song called “Playful Cats,” where each verse has cats doing different things but also has words that are repeated. You might enjoy singing “Meow, meow, the cats are here to play” which is repeated several times.

In our story, Grey Cat leads a very quiet life until Scraggly Kitten mysteriously arrives in the garden. To help this kitten, Grey Cat has to be brave and do things she’s never done before.

The last song “The Old Grey Cat Is Sleeping” is also a game. It starts with the cat sleeping, and then the mice try to creep by. The cat stalks the mice and they scamper away. Children enjoy being the cat, one of the mice, or even both! You can take the opportunity to talk about the words used to describe how the cat and the mice move. Stalking and scampering are usually new words for our young children, but they immediately understand how to move. You can think of other things for the cat and mice to do in the song. I give you some ideas in the podcast.

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