Podcast 25: Spring


  • SONG: I Am Singing Hello To You And You
  • SONG: Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
  • STORY: Katie Goes to The Park
  • SONG: Ladybug

A Spring podcast! I went for a walk this morning and saw leaves sprouting on trees, some beautiful tiny white snowdrops and yellow and purple crocuses. In my garden I can see the green shoots of daffodils, tulips and allium. Before long the colorful flowers will appear. The sun is shining and it is starting to feel warm.

Have you noticed changes where you live? In our springtime podcast story, Katie goes to the park with her family and they discover lots of signs that show spring is on the way.

As usual there are two more songs and both relate to the podcast theme. The first is a nursery rhyme – “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary” – which you may already know. However, I have added more verses with spring flowers and encourage you to make up your own verses. I love it when songs allow us to do this. Can you think of the names of some flowers to sing in the song? Our second spring song is about a ladybug which my friend Linda composed. In fact, the ladybug song inspired me to write the story in this podcast. I had to do some research about ladybugs first and learned lots of interesting things about them!

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