Podcast 47: Squirrel


  • SONG: Everybody Sing With Me
  • SONG: The Grey Squirrel
  • STORY: Squirrel And The Sunflower Seeds
  • SONG: Sunflower

The picture shown here was the starting point for the whole podcast. In our own garden we were able to watch the squirrel perched on the sunflower head, munching on the seeds. This launched the story of squirrel watching the sunflower grow, waiting for the delicious seeds. As you probably can guess, it is not quite as easy as Squirrel expects.

We start with a hello song as usual, and the next song has the little grey squirrel going up, up, up the maple tree, then down, down, down the maple tree. You may notice how the music moves up the scale with the squirrel and down the scale as he ascends and descends the tree. This is one of those songs I love to sing with children as it allows us to get creative and think of different trees for the squirrel to go up and down. Can you think of a tree to put in the song?

The last song is a very gentle song about flowers and is incredibly easy to sing along with. We begin with a sunflower, then sing about lots of other flowers such as snapdragon, primrose, and wild orchid. We end with an opportunity for the listener to add a couple of flowers of their own choice.

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