Podcast 41: Fox


  • SONG: Hello, Hello, Hello
  • SONG: Rabbits Playing In The Meadow
  • STORY: The Lazy Fox
  • SONG: I Saw A Spotted Owl

After the hello song we have a song that is also a game. It begins with rabbits playing in the meadow, then along comes fox. In the podcast I explain how to play the game and show how the music changes when fox comes along. I have played this song-game many times with children, sometimes with large groups of children. Some children like to be one of the rabbits and play in a safe place the whole time. Some like to be one of the rabbits that get chased by the fox. Some children enjoy being a fox, moving slowly, carefully, sneaking up on the rabbits. You will need to decide what is best for your situation. There is no right or wrong way to play, EXCEPT there HAS to be a safe place for rabbits. Some children may never leave the safe place – and that is just fine. I think you will enjoy this game.

Is Fox clever or lazy? Listen to the story and you decide.

The second song features animals from the story plus other animals, and also allows children to participate by deciding what kind of sound the animals make and put the sounds in the song. Like many of my songs, once you know the format, you can make up your own verses. Be creative!!

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