Ice skates

Episode 14: Skating



  • Can You Sing Hello With Me
  • Skating
  • Five Little Snowmen

Story: A Trip To The Ice Rink

In the story in this podcast, our group of school friends goes on an ice skating field trip. Zoe is usually good at everything and expects she will find ice skating easy. Imagine her disappointment when she finds she can’t skate!

The first song is called “Skating.” I hope the waltz dance-like feel makes you want to pretend to skate as you “push and glide” along with Anneliese who sings this song.

Our second song is called “Five Little Snowmen.” It is a counting song, starting with five and counting down until our last snowman melts away.This song can also be an action song.  With a group I start with five children as snowmen taking turns melting at the right time, and even have someone be the sunshine and the cloud. (Children love “melting” slowly down to the floor.)

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