Grey Cat

Podcast 9: Grey Cat


  • SONG: Hello, Hello, Hello
  • SONG: Grey Cat
  • STORY: Scraggley Kitten’s Adventure
  • SONG: Miss Mary, Mary Martha

We get started with a hello song as usual, then next we have a song about Grey Cat and all the things she does. You can pretend to be a cat if you like. As with many of our songs, you will have a chance to think of something for Grey Cat to do in the song.

This podcast features a story about Grey Cat and Scraggly Kitten. We have met them before in a podcast called “Playful Cats.” In the story today Grey Cat has to be very brave and go places she has never been before.

Our last song is called “Miss Mary, Mary Martha.” This is an echo song. This means Paul sings first, then you sing the same thing back, and at the end everybody sings together. First we sing about Miss Mary Mary Martha who has a lovely little kitty, and then Mr. Johnny Johnny Jackson who has a lovely little doggie. I wonder if you can think of a name and a pet to put in the song? The kitty and the doggie have wonderful names too. I would love to hear from you – please tell me your ideas.

Have fun being creative!

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