Podcast 17: Mittens


  • SONG: Hello, Hello, Hello
  • SONG: New Mittens
  • STORY: Flora’s New Mittens
  • SONG: Get Up And Get Moving
  • SONG: Fingers

This podcast features a story about a little girl called Flora who needs new mittens. Her old mittens don’t fit any more, and Flora is very unhappy. We will meet Flora and her school friends in lots of stories.

All podcasts begin with a “hello” song, and then have two other songs – one before and one after the story. This podcast has three more songs! The first song is one I composed about mittens. You will hear about some of the many colors mittens can be. I wonder what color you would choose? The song after the story is a well-known counting song which has been adapted in many ways. Here we sing “One Little, Two Little, Three Little Fingers” to fit the theme for this podcast. You can point to each finger as we count up to ten and back down to one if you like.

Because the story is quite long, part way through we take a little action break to sing an extra song “Get Up and Get Moving.”

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